a Canberra makerspace

MakeHackVoid depends on financial contributions from members to pay for the facilities it provides; and volunteer hours to keep the space maintained. Joining MakeHackVoid involves filling in a sign up form and agreeing to our community rules & guidelines. For those who are able, we ask that you pay a monthly contribution to the running costs. Most people pay $30 a month using a scheduled payment through their online banking. There are also donation boxes in the space if regular payments are difficult for you.

MakeHackVoid also recognises & highly values the non-fiscal contributions of our members through working bees; administrative tasks; and providing a clean, safe and welcoming environment for members and guests.

How to become a Member

Joining is really easy

  1. Fill in the Membership Form

  2. Check out the rules of the Makerspace (including conditions of membership) and make sure that you agree to abide by them. That’s important for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

  3. If possible, please set up a regular bank transfer your membership payment:

    • Name: Make Hack Void Inc
    • BSB : 062913
    • Account No: 10910053

    Please use the name we will know you as in the payment description.

  4. Get down to the space and hack on stuff!

How to get a key

Once you have been a part of the MakeHackVoid community for a while, you can get a key to the space so you can open the space whenever you want. It does come with some responsibilities, as other members are depending on key holders to open the space and lock up again when everyone leaves, we ask that you announce your plans to open the space on the makers mailing list and add an item in the calendar.

Keys are handed out by the committee and require three members who already have keys to vouch for you in the committee section of the forum. Often people who have been active for a while get offered keys and the people vouching for them handle the administrative side, but you’re welcome to approach the committee or other members if you’re ready to get a key. Current keyholders are listed on the wiki.


Can anyone become a member?

Anyone over 18 can become a Member.

If I don’t have a key, how often is the space open for me?

At the moment the space is open regularly nearly every Tuesday & Wednesday evening, most Sunday afternoons, and many Saturdays. Plus often at other times. See the calendar for organised openings. Opening and closing of the space is announced on Twitter and the announce mailing list. Ask in the Forum if you would like someone to open the space at a particular time.

What about Makers under 18 (minors)?

Due to our insurance, only those 18 & over may use tools at MHV. Although they cannot become members, minors are welcome at Maker Meetups, or for social visits in the meeting area & couches.

Those under 16 can visit the space when accompanied by a responsible adult who takes responsibility for their safety & conduct.

I have another question.

You can email the MHV Treasurer - or the MHV Secretary -, and/or ask in the Forums.